mid-week wordplay

untitled draft | 10/15/2014

But today in my journeys

in data, pixel research

flashed back against retinas

from pretty mac screens –

Today I learn Carlos Faz

died in the water outside

Nueva Orleans on his

twenty-two-year-old way

to Europe in 1953.

Today I learn Yale graduate Feintuch,

Robert, painter of parts

of bodies, was born,

nacio, in 1953

New Jersey.

But in 1951 Carlos was

in Nueva York at

Atelier 17 with William

Hayter, engraving his

young moment into the

History of American


I like Feintuch’s feet,

if anything particularly

from his pixel pages

on the line.

So many news y nuevas,

Yorks and Yales,

and one more F artista

from Batch 32065:

Piero Finci, a potter

from Saint Barbara,

sin wheel, rather California

a ceramicist, rather

And while un poeta wrote

of painter Carlos Faz,

Finci wrote himself into

academia after an MFA

at Alfred, but before that,

he graduated from Yale

with Latin-American Studies

in Nueva Haven, Connecticut.

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