From August 2015 to May 2019, I taught at Michigan State University as an assistant professor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Design. In this role, I taught the following printmaking courses: Intaglio, Lithography, and Collagraph/Relief. I also taught studio foundations courses, including Color & Design (intro 2-D design), Drawing I, and 3-D Form (intro sculpture). I began teaching foundations courses during my time as a graduate student at MSU, and I was also the TA for a web-supported lecture course: Contemporary Practices in Art | Design.

I also enjoy working in community art education with adults and with junior-high and high-school youth. In 2014, I taught a two-week summer program for high school artists at the MSU Broad Art Museum. Before I began grad school, I served as an AmeriCorps member with the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo and the Toledo School for the Arts. In that position, I coordinated an after-school art program, trained youth in entrepreneurial skills, and assisted in teaching for the Young Artists At Work (YAAW) summer youth employment program.

All images above are of my MSU students and their work.

Printmaking Workshops

As a grad student, I started a student club, MSU Printmaking + Installation Association, and we ran a series of free Summer Printmaking Workshops, open to students and the larger community. I led two workshops in that series:  “Low Tech Screenprinting: Drawing Fluid, Screen Filler, and Stencils” and “Reduction Relief Printing: One Block/Three Colors.”

Teaching Assistance and Substitute Teaching

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to sub for professors. As an undergrad at Bowling Green State University, I served as the TA for an intensive Book Arts course. As a grad student at MSU, I subbed occasionally, and I served as a teaching assistant in Lithography, setting the final month’s schedule and designing materials to support individual projects before I subbed for the final two weeks of the course.

Sense of Site Workshops

As a grad student, I also worked as a Research Assistant to Dr. Karin Zitzewitz (Art History + Visual Culture). As part of that job, I designed and facilitated a studio workshop series and student exhibition, the Sense of Site Workshops.