Color & Design (Foundations)

My Color & Design / 2-D Design course was originally based on the Foundations model curriculum at Michigan State University. The course is centered on learning to identify, recognize, and successfully utilize seven Design Principles and six Design Elements (Elements of Art) within a larger context of historic and contemporary art and design.

Throughout the semester, my students participate in classroom discussion and critiques, read, view slideshows, research online, complete short writing assignments, and undertake studio projects to put this design knowledge into practice.

Incorporating this variety of learning activities serves to engage students across several learning styles: reading and writing (linguistic), talking and listening (aural), looking (visual), and doing (kinesthetic). I place emphasis on everyone creating and contributing to studio community, through both asynchronous online conversations and face-to-face classroom strategies to encourage student-student interaction.

I designed this student-centered course for art & design majors/minors; students also take this course as an elective or to meet an arts & humanities requirement.

All images above are student works from my previous Color & Design / 2-D Design courses.