Notes from Blind Field

Jonathas de Andrade, Ressaca Tropical (Tropical Hangover), 2009

Beautiful!  Love especially the small, multi-sized color snapshots mounted on tiny panels.  Love the not-quite timeline, and beautiful feel of the clustering of supplementary images.  Lovely grid.

Andre Komatsu, Money Talks I, 2011

Gorgeous!  The spilling piles of matter, sugar, rocky salt, ground coffee, dirt, pebbles, falling in tidy spaced hills over their bare wood scaffold, so orderly in their grid.  The integration of projected drawing with such tactile materials and simple irregularly filled grid, the juxtaposition of natural materials with the grid and tech, is a key combination I should study.  The bare globous bulb and glasses of liquid perched high are a beautiful balance.

One response to “Notes from Blind Field

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